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Mental Sidewalk Workbook (eBook)

Are you tired of:

It is one thing to have the drive but you also must have the most critical elements to successful change and growth. That is what this program is all about, learning and using the secrets we are never taught in our lives.

For anyone who aspires to become a public speaker, “Courage To Be Naked” is a must read.

Price: $19.97

"Fred, your commitment to me, your guidance, coaching techniques, making myself accountable in this game of life has given me a sense of clarity and an action plan in pursuing my purpose with passion and direction. You helped me get out of doing the same things in life, just for the sake of doing them. I'm not sure how to sum up what you did for me with your 'Mental Sidewalk Workbook', but what you did for me was and is priceless. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to live my life with passion, and the courage to follow my purpose."
Weldon LeBlanc
CEO Kelowna Chamber Of Commerce

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