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5 Reasons Why 60 Percent of Businesses Do Not Make Money

Statistics show that new businesses only have a fifty percent chance of surviving five years. In any given year, up to thirty percent of businesses lose money. Another thirty percent barely break even. To avoid becoming a failure statistic, keep these five tips in mind to help ensure business success. […]
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I Once Again Write My Yearly Letter To Myself.

I once again write my yearly letter to myself. This is always a hard time of the year for me. I reflect throughout the year, but when it comes to this week, I always seem to be facing a specific heightened emotion. This year, it has revealed itself as a […]
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Interview with the Dali Lama

his is a story about a woman, a long time ago, who had entered my dream. As fast as she entered, she vanished. Recently she entered my dream again, but this time, she stayed long enough to remind me of my true self. These dreams remind us to live our […]
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