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Interview with the Dali Lama

his is a story about a woman, a long time ago, who had entered my dream.

As fast as she entered, she vanished.

Recently she entered my dream again, but this time, she stayed long enough to remind me of my true self.

These dreams remind us to live our life to the fullest. One can only live a full life, if they are willing to have the courage to genuinely love, and receive love – No matter how long that moment lasts.


Has She Moved On Never To Return?
She entered the room with such grace and calmness,
Yet my body shakes in loss as I see her vanish from my presence.
I hold on to her with every breath,
As Her beauty lingered in my mind for what seemed like an eternity.
I feel my last breath as she walks away,
The sight of her presence only in my heart.

Has she moved on never to return?

The same breath that once lost her,
Beats as she once again walks in with such grace and calmness.

Her red lips reveled a smile that took my breath away.


Holding her head on my chest,
I could not slow my breathing as I pained in the thought
That this moment once again will end.

As we lay tangled together, I realized how my heart craves for her.


How will my heart bare the emptiness,
If I cannot hold on to her once again?


I never wanted that moment to end –
Feeling her heart beating through my body,
As our lips touch in an endless kiss.


My heart feels her walking out of my presence once again,
But this time, I hold on to her beating heart
Vibrating through my body.

Has she moved on never to return?


Life makes you think and feel about certain moments,
With such uncertainty for its path.


I do know without a doubt – as blood flows through my veins,
That everything happens for a good reason.
Even though at times we have no idea what that reason is.


But if we are open to receiving the gift,
It will reveal itself when the time is right.


The first time I felt your presence,
I did not know why I felt what I felt.


As painful as it was to watch you walk away,
The regret of me not having the courage to tell you how I felt,
Was devastating to my heart.

I lost you once, and now I lose you again.

This time it is different – I do not have the same pain.


Yes, I do have a sense of loss and wonder,
For something that I do not know would be.


But this time, the gift has revealed itself.
I joy in the ‘innocent’ moment I had the pleasure of experiencing.


As I had found the courage that lay deep within me,
To reveal my heart with no expectations.

I thank you for that gift in ways words cannot explain.


You have reminded me,
That this world has beautiful soul’s like yours floating around me.


I comfort in the thought,
That the true gift will reveal itself one day.
When the time is right.

But I can’t help but to wonder.

Has she moved on never to return?

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