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  • “...this was one of the best two days out of the office I have spent... ”
    Airlee Gian, Partner Development manager - Microsoft Canada
  • “Your style and eloquence were enjoyed by all.! All Advocis Chapters should take advantage of your presentation...”
    Brian Lyall, Sun Life Financial, Sales Manager
  • “Fred has the uncanny ability to reach and touch each participant through his seminars and his books... ”
    Cal DeSouza, CEO Belleview Communities
  • “...when a presenter affects us on a personal level it is very memorable... ”
    Colleen Adams, Senior Manager Business Development, Bank Of Montreal
  • “...I have a better understanding and an increased knowledge of how a true leader conducts himself and what one is... ”
    Frank Marsden, Wells Fargo
  • “Fred, is one of the best on the planet. He is passionate, dynamic, and his messages are inspiring to all... ”
    Gary Mauris, Dominion Lending - President / Owner
  • “Fred's session on the Personalities and Communication Styles completely changed how our employees communicated with each other and our clients…”
    George De La Rosa, CEO - Luminus Financial
  • “The magic was when he was on stage. He talked for 3 hours on personality profiles, personal branding, and EQ... ”
    Glenn Mandziuk, CEO - Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association
  • “Dear Fred, a ton of excellent feedback...your presentation on leadership really hit the mark... ”
    Kevin V. Lutz, Regional Sales Manager, Mortgage Specialists, Royal Bank Of Canada
  • “...great insight that was relevant to our everyday industry...Fred made everyone accountable for their implementation... ”
    Michelle Depaul, Events Coordinator, RE/MAX of Western Canada
  • “...your session was, by far one of the most impactful... ”
    Patrick Nelson, Director, Public Affairs and Communications, Ontario Medical Association
  • “...changed my life for the better. I am much happier both at work and at home... ”
    Paul Cardwell, BMW
  • “He left a lasting... The results from Fred's session gave added value to our consultants ”
    Paul M. Demay, R.F.P., CFP, FCSI, Regional Director - Okanagan Region, Investors Group Financial Services Inc
  • “...brought back to MBABC to speak over four times...you are guaranteed that all attendees will walk away with useful tools... ”
    Rob-Regan Pollak, Education Co-chair, Mortgage Brokers Association Of BC
  • “I'm not sure how to sum up what you did for me, but what you did for me was and is priceless.”
    Ryan Miles, West Jet
  • “...a very energetic and interactive program...his knowledge of the sales process was extensive... ”
    Stephan Fernandes, NorthWest Mutual Funds, Customer Service Manager
  • “...you related your examples to our business, our roles, our staff - how it affects our business and our personal lives... ”
    Tricia, Retention Manager - CIBC Banking
  • “We received some of the best feedback we have received from a speaker... He made people think in ways they never thought of... ”
    Weldon LeBlanc, CEO - Kelowna Chamber Of Commerce


Your Path To Awareness

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3 Questions Every Business Should Answer

Posted: 12-Nov-2013    Category: Business

Identity is not just a question for teenagers. 

In fact, people struggle with identity for most of their adult life, trying to answer the question of who they really are. These identity crises can occur at any time in response to any number of things.

It’s pretty easy to understand why. Inside of us, we all think of better versions of ourselves. These competing selves create friction. Sometimes, this can make us better. Other times, it can paralyze us.

The key is to stop looking for the “best” version of ourselves and find the “real” self. According to psychologist Erik Erikson, we derive power and satisfaction from concretely knowing who we are. We need to know our values, and let those be our road map for success and happiness in life.

That being said, in order to have a successful business – the business has to have an identity as well. Most businesses, like people, have what is called an “identity confusion.”

How do you know if your business is in a state of “identity confusion?”

Erick Erikson’s claim to fame was his research behind 3 elements that form your identity. Work – Love – Values. Any of these three you have failed at will create what he called an “Identity Confusion.”

This relates not only to you as an individual but also to your business. Remember one thing, your business is an entity in it self.

Work : What do you do? What is your business? This is a question that first should be answered by you as the owner and then also answered by every employee. This will give you an idea of how dis-jointed your company might be.

Love: Reality is that if you do not love your business, then don’t expect others to love it. As the leader, you have to help every individual in the business discover what they love about your business and your company. This will be the most powerful ripple you can create.

Values: This my friends, is where most business fail. Most have no idea what they value, what they stand for. We talk the big talk about values, but unfortunately we pick words that we think people want to hear, put it on a plaque and forget all about it. 

We admire those people that live their life around values. If you want your clients and employees to admire your business, you better know what values the business is built on.

  1. Identity is a lifelong struggle. It starts in childhood and most people grapple with it as an adult. When it comes to your business, spend as much time as you need to in order to create an identity people can grab on to. Creating an identity in your business gives your business life.
  2. Identity is a healthy struggle. We all see better versions of ourselves that we want to aspire to. Look at your existing business – ask yourself, What do I want to improve?”
  3. Identity should be a satisfying struggle. We need to stop looking at unrealistic versions of ourselves and start uncovering the “real” person / business we are inside.

In this, we can become whole, happy and satisfied people. In this, our business can become whole, happy and satisfying.

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